1950 Edition

The Boxcar Children, Copyright © 1950

Hopefully you have read the sections on the 1924 edition and the 1942 edition. If not, here is a brief history on the previous editions of, "The Boxcar Children".

The very first original Boxcar Children was the 1924 edition. That book title was completely rewritten, revised and reissued in 1942. There were significant differences between the 1924 and the 1942 editions. They included differences such as: the publishing companies, the illustrators, the book cover, the illustrations, and even the content details of the storyline.

Please read the sections, "1924 edition" and "1942 edition" on the tabs above, in order to learn more details about each of those versions.

Now, on to this 1950 Edition of, The Boxcar Children, book. The 1950 edition was reissued under the same publishing company, Scott Foresman and Company, as the 1942 edition. The content and storyline are the same as the 1942 edition. Even the silhouette illustrations are the same. However, it did have a different cover than the previous editions. The 1950 edition has a reddish-brown hard cover with a silhouette illustration of a box car, the Alden's dog "Watch", and some trees on it.

Of all The Boxcar Children books, the most collectible and hardest to find are the following three, vintage original, books:

The 1924 edition - Blue hardcover published by Rand McNally and Company
The 1942 edition - orange hardcover published by Scott Foresman & Company
The 1950 edition - Reddish-brown hardcover published by Scott Foresman & Company

The above three editions of, The Boxcar Children, are all first editions, of book number "one" in the series! They all have hard covers! None of them were issued with dust jackets. So, if you see one advertised with a dust jacket, do not be fooled. Only the later reproductions by Albert Whitman and Company had dust jackets.

During the 1960's Albert Whitman and Company purchased the copyrights of, The Boxcar Children. They are still the copyright holders today.


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