1942 Edition

 The Boxcar Children, Copyright 1942, First Edition!

Gertrude Chandler Warner wrote her very first Boxcar Children book in 1924. That original book was copyright 1924 with a blue hard cover featuring a pictorial paste down. It was published by Rand McNally and Company. It was illustrated by Dorothy Lake Gregory. Most people are unaware of that first original Boxcar Children book.

The 1942 edition is a completely revised and reissued version of, "The Boxcar Children." This 1942 edition was published by Scott Foresman and Company and illustrated by L. Kate Deal. It has an orange hard cover with a silhouette of The Boxcar Children walking with a moon behind them. Please view picture above to see this book.

The 1942 edition is significantly different than the original 1924 edition. With differences ranging from: the publishing company, the illustrator, the book cover, and even the specific details within the context of the storyline. The 1924 edition is far more detailed than the 1942 edition. However, the 1942 edition is the version that most people are familiar with.

When Gertrude Warner set out to write the newly revised 1942 edition, her purpose was to make it simplified for struggling readers. This allowed poor readers to feel a sense of accomplishment, because they were able to read the words in the story. Miss Warner, also wanted to target younger children and encourage reading at lower grade levels.

This goal was accomplished by using a prescribed and controlled vocabulary of only six-hundred words. The words chosen were at a lower grade level than the previous 1924 edition, therefore allowing the children to read words they were already familiar with, or currently using while in school. Not only did this build the confidence in the children who were reading this new version, but they fell in love with the story and, The Boxcar Children characters, the Aldens!

The kids reading this book enjoyed the adventures that, The Boxcar Children, had. This is what makes a book so great... when it can capture the interest of, and touch the heart of the reader! That is exactly what this book did for many children over many years, and still does today!

This 1942 edition is almost as hard to find as the 1924 edition. They are very scarce and highly collectible. The 1942 edition was published and printed during World War II. That is just another reason why it is extra special and makes it even more collectible.


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