1924 Edition

The very FIRST Box-Car Children Book Ever Written...
Vintage Original 1924 First Edition!

 Shown with the original white box that it was issued in.

Contrary to what most people believe, the very first vintage original Boxcar Children book was published in 1924 by Rand McNally and Company, and written by, Gertrude Chandler Warner.

It has been wrongly assumed by many, that the first publication of this title was in 1942. The reason for people not knowing about the 1924 first edition,  is primarily due to how scarce this book is. There were very few of them produced in comparison to the later 1942 and 1950 editions.  Also, due to the age of the 1924 edition, and shuffling around over many years, very few of them even exist anymore.

Sadly, the 1924 editions were not as durable, as far as the bindings go, thus they did not hold up very well.  Most of them are missing pages, of which, usually consisted of one or more of the four color plates (pages). They typically have broken or loose bindings as well as page tears, writing, and extreme fading or rubbing of the pictorial covers and gilt.

To even find a copy of the 1924 edition is hard enough, but to obtain one in fairly good and solid condition with all four color plates, is nearly impossible. However, if you ever get the chance to own the 1924 first edition of this book title, it will most definitely be one of your prize possessions of your collection, no matter what the condition. It is truly a wise investment for the serious collector of vintage children's books and scarce first editions.

It is one of the best vintage collectible children's book to date! Any collector would be ecstatic to own the 1924 edition of this book title! The 1924 edition of "The Box-Car Children" also came in a white cardboard  box with a matching pictorial paste down. I have only seen ONE of these original boxes in all the years that I have specialized in The Boxcar Children! It is highly likely that most people threw them away over the years. I do not know of any other original 1924 boxes that exist, besides the one that I owned (and already sold). For many years, I have done, and still do, worldwide searches a few times every day, for this book.

The 1924 edition of, The Box-Car Children, is out of print! No other copyrights exist on the 1924 version of this book! The original storyline and version of the 1924 edition of, The Box-Car Children has never been reprinted, or reissued. It is the one and only of this version of the Boxcar Children story!

Here are the Four color plates that are Only featured in the original 1924 edition of, The Box-Car Children.

The above illustrated color plates (pages) are the work of: Dorothy Lake Gregory, of whom was best known for her, Alice In Wonderland, lithographs and paintings.

The later editions, (1942 and 1950) of, The Boxcar Children, did NOT have any colored illustrations. They had black and white illustrations in the form of silhouettes.

Another interesting thing to note, is that the 1924 edition is significantly different than that of the 1942 or the 1950 editions.  There are major differences, such as: the story details and descriptions, as well as different publishers and illustrators, and more!

The 1924 edition is far more interesting to read than any of the later editions! It instantly became the favorite version of all who had read this 1924 version of, The Boxcar Children. If you are a Boxcar Children fan, you have not lived until you read the 1924 edition of this amazing story! It is the HOLY GRAIL of ALL the Boxcar Children books!

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