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Thursday, March 21, 2013

What makes the 1924 Boxcar Children book so special?

The main reason the 1924 edition is so special is that it is filled with very fine details that are so descriptive, you feel as though you are there! You can visualize everything. It really brings the story and the characters to life. You get a better feel for the atmosphere and the way the children look, feel, live, etc. The food they make is so descriptive, it might even make your mouth water or leave you craving what they just ate.

You get a better understanding of their real beginning, their locations as they traveled, and much more! The details that are within the pages of the 1924 edition of, The Box-Car Children book cannot be found in any other edition of this book title!  This is the one and only edition that has extremely specific information that pertains to every aspect of their lives!

Did you know that in the 1924 edition... some of the names were different? Including their last name! They weren't the Aldens in this edition. Their last name was Cordyce. There are many more details that are far different than what you read in the 1942 and 1950 editions.

The 1924 edition is sure to be your favorite, as the descriptive nature of the writing by Gertrude Chandler Warner gives you a whole new "enlightened" understanding of who these children are, where they came from, more about their parents (mainly the dad), and a whole new feeling and perspective about, "The Boxcar Children". All in the way that the author, Ms. Warner, originally wrote the story before she revised it in 1942 to make it easier for younger children to read.

If you loved The Boxcar Children as a child... you owe it to yourself to read the 1924 edition! You will be so happy you did!! :)

The original 1924 Boxcar Children Book For Sale!

Here is your opportunity to purchase the 1st ever, vintage original, 1924 The Boxcar Children book. It is available on my webstore at:

It is the Very First Boxcar Children book ever written by: Gertrude Chandler Warner. This book is in Near Mint condition... complete with all four color plates!! It is gorgeous! Simply one of the finest you will ever come across of this title and year!

If you long to read they way that Gertrude wrote it in the original format, before it was revised in 1942... then this book is a must have! It is far more detailed than the later revised editions. It will easily become your favorite version of this classic story.

You can finally read the "real beginning" according to the author herself, the way she first originally wrote it.

The details are so specific that you can clearly visualize every part of this story. Many of the sections, topics, and details that are found in the 1924 edition are missing from the 1942, 1950 and later editions.

If you are a Boxcar Children fan, and you have never read the 1924 edition... you are missing out on one of the best versions of this story! Find out what the beginning was really like. Discover what their dad was like.... and so much more!

The 1924 edition is sure to be the prize of your collection. This book would also make a memorable Birthday or Christmas gift to The Boxcar Children fan in your life!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Looking for vintage original Boxcar Children books?

Where can you find and learn about the vintage original Boxcar Children books? Right here! The vintage Boxcar Children books are one of my many areas of expertise when it comes to old collectible children's books.

You can find the books that I have for sale by visiting my webstore at,

Not only do I specialize in, and sell, these vintage first edition Boxcar Children books... but I also provide a wealth of information for you to learn about them. You will find this information on my blog and on my website.

This includes history and facts regarding the author, Gertrude Chandler Warner and the three vintage editions of , The Boxcar Children, books, copyrights: 1924, 1942, and 1950.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me! You may comment on here or email me directly through the "contact us" section at:

Thank you for visiting! I hope that you enjoy reading all about The vintage Boxcar Children books and Gertrude Chandler Warner.