Thursday, March 21, 2013

The original 1924 Boxcar Children Book For Sale!

Here is your opportunity to purchase the 1st ever, vintage original, 1924 The Boxcar Children book. It is available on my webstore at:

It is the Very First Boxcar Children book ever written by: Gertrude Chandler Warner. This book is in Near Mint condition... complete with all four color plates!! It is gorgeous! Simply one of the finest you will ever come across of this title and year!

If you long to read they way that Gertrude wrote it in the original format, before it was revised in 1942... then this book is a must have! It is far more detailed than the later revised editions. It will easily become your favorite version of this classic story.

You can finally read the "real beginning" according to the author herself, the way she first originally wrote it.

The details are so specific that you can clearly visualize every part of this story. Many of the sections, topics, and details that are found in the 1924 edition are missing from the 1942, 1950 and later editions.

If you are a Boxcar Children fan, and you have never read the 1924 edition... you are missing out on one of the best versions of this story! Find out what the beginning was really like. Discover what their dad was like.... and so much more!

The 1924 edition is sure to be the prize of your collection. This book would also make a memorable Birthday or Christmas gift to The Boxcar Children fan in your life!

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